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Did you ever have a dream that your favorite performer stopped in to play for you in your living room? This is something my wife has dreamed about in every place she has lived...except Hobbit Hill. So, rather than wait for the dream to reappear, Hobbit Hill House Concerts is our attempt to realize the dream on the conscious side of our lives.

House concerts offer a rare synergy between artist and audience. If you've never been to this type of venue before, you just have to experience it first hand to understand the difference.

If the weather is good, we will expect to set up on the deck, surrounded by the beauty that makes Bucks County famous. If the weather is poor, we do have a capacity indoors, so please be sure to RSVP with plans so we can assure seats for all when indoors.

All shows follow the same format. We have a potluck dinner before the show - bring whatever you like. Once we're all fed and comfortable, we are treated to a couple of sets from some of the best artists, local and national.